Drop of Consciousness

Branding, Concept Development

EFLLC conceptualized the “Drop of Consciousness” ad campaign for the Noah’s Arc Foundation, founded by NBA Chicago Bulls’ Joakim Noah. The foundation brings art and sports to Chicago’s youth through basketball camps and art therapy classes, that are led by Cecilia Rodhe, Joakim’s mother and a sculptor who is also co-founder and president of the foundation.

It was during the conceptualization process that we recognized Cecilia’s “drop” sculptures as a potential element to be implemented into the project. The “drop” sculpture form was utilized to symbolize the tears of those who have lost someone to violence and bring a consciousness to the sorrow and the need for change.

Necklaces were produced so individuals could wear the Drops of Consciousness. Foundation supporters include NBA’s Derrick Rose, filmmaker Michael Moore and producer Rick Rubin.

Everard Findlay