Egi City, Nigeria

Territorial Branding

Dream Egi is the story of the brave people of Egi City. It is a story of balance and peaceful collaborations, in which industrial and non-industrial sectors come together to work on the development of a city from the ground up. Dream Egi is rooted in history, culture and education, focused on innovation and sustainability which will culminate in the creation of Egi City. Dream Egi will utilize a participatory, integrative planning approach to represent all stakeholders: Egi People’s Assembly (EPA), Total E&P Nigeria (TEPNG), Mara Group, JS Group, Ghani Group and The Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The Egi people have chosen to create, to build, to shape our own dreams. We are only as strong as our weakest link. In Egi every citizen is a person, every person is valued. Dream Egi has begun with just a few visionaries…then many, and soon the world. Believe the Dream. Dream with us. Dream Egi City.

Everard Findlay