OÍDO: An Experiment in Sound and Sculpture

Curating, Event

Everard Findlay paired TV on the Radio’s Tunde Adebimpe and Ivan Navarro for a one-of-a-kind sound and sculpture performance dubbed “OÍDO: An Experiment in Sound and Sculpture”.

In this experimental marriage of electronic art and music, Adebimpe improvisationaly implemented electronic and acoustic instruments with his own vocals to create a truly unique experience. Navarro designed the instruments — kick drums refitted with fluorescent lights, regular, and two way mirrors, creating the illusion of staring into infinity when looking at the face of each drum — the tools Adebimpe used to create sound.

The proceeds from the event went to P.S. 84’s Rooftop Hydroponic Greenhouse Classroom. The 1,500 square foot rooftop greenhouse classroom will be a 21st-century sustainable urban farm that exposes students Pre-K through 5th grade to critical issues of global concern: climate change, efficient use of water and energy, building greener cities, and growing a secure and healthy food supply.

Everard Findlay