Under 40 and Saving the World

October, 2012


As the head of his eponymous consulting firm, Everard Findlay rebrands corporations, designs glamourous ad campaigns, and curates art exhibitions. But perhaps his greatest achievement is founding Special Friends of the Earth, a global outreach mission that began with a project in the impoverished city of Laventille, in his native Trinidad, where the stressed and expensive public transportation system has hindered children’s ability to get to school.

After several trips to the area, in 2007 Findlay decided the solution was private bus lines. He enlisted Al Gore’s onetime economic adviser Eric Hansen to help him raise money, and the Laventille Bus Project was born.

Findlay is now turning his attention to uncultivated land surrounding New York’s public schools. “I have my sights on P.S. 84. The engaged community makes it a perfect candidate for a garden,” he says. That collaborative approach is the thread that runs through all of Findlay’s efforts. “I am fortunate to know a wide range of amazing people,” he says, “and I look for the potential for mutual edification.”

Everard Findlay