Everard Findlay for Macallan Rare Cask

September, 2015

For the launch their new Single Malt Rare Cask, The Macallan asked Everard Findlay to be a part of their “Macallan Man” campaign. Captured in New York City, Macallan sat down with Findlay to discuss the rare encounters he has experienced on his travels around the world. The campaign and full interview is expected to be released in the coming month.

“A typical workweek for Findlay can take him from a journey with indigenous shaman in the middle of the Amazon’s primary rainforest to negotiations with African kings, to dinner with Nobel Laureate physicists and lauded mathematicians.

Along with his rare collection of ancient maps and watches and Macallan, Findlay is able to contemplate the nature of time and the planet, forging relationships to create a common good.”

“I am fortunate to fill my life with rare objects and even rarer friends. Macallan is a way to connect with people in any walk of life – bringing the best liquor of the world into the conversation. Pouring a glass of Macallan means you value and respect the people at the table. I found this watch in a tiny dealer’s shop deep in the market in Istanbul. It took several hours and many cups of apple tea to purchase, but I’ve never seen its like and it helps me remember to call home when I’m in a far-flung territory.”

Everard Findlay