Suriname Launch Branding Campaign

March, 2015

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ministry launched its branding campaign “We Are Suriname”. Minister Lackin explained what the goal of the campaign was during a press conference. “The point is to show the world who we are, why we are, where we want to go and why we want it,” said the Minister. “Branding is a process. Previously they recognized us, but now they know us, “says Lackin. “The real wealth of Suriname is the peaceful society, we must preserve at all costs,” he continues, “We have shown in the 40 years since independence, we can convert division into positive energy.”

According to Lackin, “The reality now is that the prices of the commodities which the country depends on, are on the decline. We now need to look at what we have. We need to invest in the best natural resource that we have and that is the Surinamese people.”

“The focal point of all activity will be New York City because it is regarded as the center of the world. From New York, the information can be spread to the rest of the world.”

“There are already top editors of Vogue magazine brought to Suriname who have written and published an article about the beauty of our country. In the course of the branding process several influential persons have been invited to experience Suriname personally, and to share this experience through their extensive networks with others.”

“Our greatest wealth is our cultural diversity and the associated internal unity. We need to make partners in the world. This will have a positive impact on Suriname and Surinamese in general, but also specific sectors such as tourism could get a boost. Additionally Suriname will be presented as a positive place to do business so that investors become interested and eventually interested in sustainable partnerships. Suriname also offers a healthy climate for foreign investors to from here onwards both the Caribbean and the rest of reaching South America. By removing administrative barriers are already made ​​it easier for foreigners to come to Suriname. Work on getting rid of the negative image that many people abroad have about the small-scale gold mining in Suriname. The aim is to convince them that it is working to find balance in resolving this issue.”

Everard Findlay