Paramount Transport


When Paramount Transport, the largest crane-rental and transport company in the Caribbean, came to us to redesign their brand, they needed to start from scratch. Although the company provided a vast range of goods and services — including a joint venture with Mammoet, the world’s premier crane and transport company — their promotional materials did not come close to representing the huge scope of their enterprise.

Everard Findlay worked with the heads of Paramount to sift through every aspect of the company and organize the information in a way that was engaging and informative to industry insiders while remaining easily comprehensible to new clients. We designed a website and peripheral materials for Paramount with an international audience in mind, focusing on dramatic imagery and an easy interface that does justice to the extensive services they provide and the grand scale of their operation.

Paramount has reported a marked growth in sales as well as a vastly greater ease in communicating with new and existing clients throughout the world following the launch of their website, catalogue and peripheral branding materials.

Everard Findlay