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G4 Capital Partners

Advertising, Country Branding

Lewis Silverman of Fortune 500 company G4 Capital tasked EFLLC with revitalizing the brand S. Kuhlman. Through a series of experiential activations, EFLLC promoted the brand’s new image to attract new capital investment.

Happy Place

In a design collective cum postmodern yard-sale, fifteen independent New York designers present their work alongside a fabric house installation created specifically for the space in 26 Broadway in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Georgian Spring: Magnum Photos Exhibit

Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili, Magnum Photos and Everard Findlay joined forces to create a one-day exhibition and launch event for Georgian Spring, a newly published photography book about the country of Georgia.

At the invitation of Georgia’s Ministry of Culture, 10 Magnum photographers visited Georgia during the spring of 2009.

Their job was to be what they are: travelers, individualists, with their own point of view, free to notice what they thought worth noticing, on their own journey of discovery.

Georgian Spring captures the moment of Georgia’s renaissance, its revival, its awakening.


An homage to the centennial anniversary of Futurism, 12 exotic motorcycles were suspended in mid-air, forming a three-dimensional ribbon running throughout the space, reminiscent of stills taken from a high-speed film sequences.


Everard Findlay