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Advertising, Country Branding

Suriname selected us to create a brand for their country. Building a campaign for a region is a sensitive and unique journey because it inherently represents a dynamic set of needs, from ecosystems and environment to economy and the people that visit or call it home.

For Suriname, a country that is 90-percent rainforest and home to myriad cultures, including Indian, African and Dutch, we needed to understand the intricacies of those unique qualities and then execute a brand with the country and its people at the center of the campaign.

We presented the We Are Suriname concept that highlights the connection between Suriname’s varied cultures, its unsurpassed natural resources and its future economic opportunities. We used a prominent tree in the Suriname rainforest, called the Kankantrie, to carry the brand image. We designed the tree’s leaves as vivid green geometric-shapes. The shapes are reminiscent of the weavings and patterns of Suriname’s indigenous artisans and also embrace the symbolism of form and function in modern development.

The trees also carry a mythical significance as a communication tool. By drumming the roots, the sound was said to carry from Paramaribo to the interior villages. The tree’s mythical place in history and its current relevance in the rainforest made it a strong visual representation for the interconnectedness of Surinamese people to each other, the environment and the world beyond.

As part of the sustainability aspect of the process, we worked with the country to help create protections to preserve the rainforest and cultural vibrancy that represents the essence of the country.

Everard Findlay